Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Richard Steele, The Tatler

Reading is a part of my daily life.

First, as a homeschooling parent I usually have to read ahead with lessons to make sure I’m prepared to go over and discuss the materials with our girls.

Work is also means I get requests to do a book review or if I’m interviewing someone, I prefer to read their books or articles.

On the data analysis side, I’m reading about design and code so I can build my work projects.

I enjoy reading. Whether it’s my Kindle, something from the library, or personal stash, chances are I usually have something I’m reading.

I’m not looking forward to reading more. I’m interested in reading well.

This year I want to change things up and go deeper and wider with my reading. That's why I created a reading plan for myself.


I want to make sure that I break up my routine and explore some different genres and formats.

Every month a mix of:

  • re-read of a book I’ve enjoyed to see if there are any new insights
  • fiction book
  • life skill book
  • something I’m reading with the kids
  • project related book
  • something different for me [art/poetry]

As you can guess some books will probably be fairly quick to read while others may take the entire month to read which is fine by me.

One of my goals is to not narrow myself with genre by instead have a mix of styles that I can read to keep things interesting.

Book Reviews

I have to take notes and write up a quick review on each of the books (~750 words).

[Optional: If I glean any interesting insights that connect across books or interviews then it gets its own post.]

Based on votes from the community, release a short video on one book a month.

Audio books?

For myself and depending on the book itself, I have a harder time saying I’ve absorbed it if I only used audio. However, I think it might have been due to the types of books I had listened to.

I'd love to get any suggestions you have for some books to listen to, so please send them in!

December Prep Month

  • Tools of Titans
  • Keep Going
  • King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
  • Ed Emberley's Drawing Book


  • Deep Work
  • Castle


  • Out on the Wire


  • Company of One


  • Text Mining with R




  • Tribe of Mentors






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