Best DIY Guides to Fix Up Your Home

It's been a busy few weeks for us. After resting from the big move, we've been working hard at making this house our home.

While we've painted and decorated before, many of these repairs are new to us.

As we work through this massive repairs and maintenance list, we picked up some books and resources to help us out.

If you're in a similar boat, here are some of my favorite books, sites, and videos that have made these home DIY projects easier.

Best DIY Books

I love to read so books are my usual go to resource. As I was looking for DIY guides my focus was on finding that would help us with the very basics and thorough enough to help us figure out and fix most of our project list.

Right now these books are my favorites.


This book lives up to its name. Every single repair or maintenance we've done has been in this book. Think of it as a reference guide, taking you through the hand and power tool you need to start and advanced enough to help you finish a basement.


One of our goals with this big yard is to grow vegetables and fruits instead of letting it simply be a boring lawn.

Besides the practical food benefits, we'd also like to take care of our little plot of land and make it beautiful. Creasy covers all the bases in her awesome book.

Best DIY Websites

As much as I love books, I admit that for certain situations, watching someone is a better help.

One of the best things about living now is how much free help is out there.

Whether it's a detailed step by step article on how to create something or a video, I love how detailed these makers are.

Thoughts on DIY Guides

I know there some gems I probably overlooked. I'd like to get your thoughts and ideas. What are some of your picks and why?

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