How to Find Deals for Your Next Family Vacation

Are you looking to have a true vacation where you can relax and enjoy, but are afraid it’s going to break your budget? Learn how to score amazing deals and travel hack on your next trip! Finding the Best Family Vacation Deals During the last two episodes, we talk about building a better budget. We […]

Family Trips: How We Do Low-Key Travel with Kids

Getting ready to travel with your kids this year? See how you can have less stress and more fun with your next family vacation! How to Low Key Travel with Kids Travel with kids is an interesting experience. If you’re a parent I think you understand that dichotomy of those magical moments where you feel […]

Busy Parents Guide to Adopting Healthy Habits

Do you feel you’re too busy to keep up with your health goals for this year? Check out this easy and effective way you can adopt healthy habits even if you’re a busy parent! Why We Parents Need to Prioritize Our Health Being a work from home parent who homeschools, I have a full plate […]

Fun and Affordable Bucket List Ideas for Your Family

How do you translate your wish list into an actual to do list? Learn how you can create an everyday bucket list and an incredible year! Why Your Family Needs an Everyday Bucket List One of my hopes for you and other families listening is show you how pursuing your financial goals doesn’t mean you […]

Enjoying a Rich Life: Prioritizing Your Health

Has the last few years been a much for you and it’s taken a toll on your health? See how you can enjoy a rich life by getting healthy and fit! The Challenge: Fit at 40ish These past three years have been quite the ride. The pandemic has definitely affected me. Nothing dramatic, but when […]

Creating a Rich Life

Ready to rest and fresh your family and financial goals? This year we’re exploring how to have a rich life! The Challenge: Make 2023 A Rich Life Okay, that’s a pretty bold statement – have a rich life. Let first back track on how I came up with this theme for the season and then […]