Open enrollment season is here and I want you to be prepared. Learn how you can avoid some of the biggest mistakes and instead maximize your workplace benefits to their fullest potential!

Open Enrollment FAQs 

How would you like to help set up your finances for this next year so that it runs smoother and that you are going to be hitting your money goals faster?

That might very well be the case if you take time this weekend to go over your options with open enrollment.

I know it might not seem like the most exciting thing when you get that packet, but you can have a huge insignificant one with your finances if you take the time to really research your options and make sure that you're maximizing your benefits.

With open enrollment health insurance is typically the biggest decision families worry about an understandably. You're trying to strike that balance of getting the best coverage for your family at an affordable price, which can be a struggle. However, that's just one piece.

There are other benefits that I want to make sure you are maximizing as much as possible. How do you know where to start and which workplace benefits you should focus on?

That's why I want to share a discussion I had with Matt Miner about which areas to give your attention to and what essential conversations you should be having as a family to get a clearer picture of optimizing your workplace benefits.

Matt is a fee only fiduciary advisor with Miner Wealth Management and he specializes in helping families make sure that their finances are aligned with their goals, priorities, and values. He's also the creator and host of the work pants, finance podcast.

In this episode, we're going to be covering:

  • some of the most common and biggest mistakes families make when they go through open enrollment with their benefits
  • how disability insurance works and why you should consider it, even if you are young and healthy
  • what to look out for for other possible benefits and keeping an eye on your 401(k)

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Maximize Your Family's Finances 

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