How to Vacation with Kids For Free: Travel Hacking 101

Want to get out and travel more with the kids this year without breaking your budget? Learn how you can use travel hacking to snag fantastic deals for your family trips!

Travel Hacking 101 for Families

This week we’re going to have to make a decision – the beach or mountains?

Spring is coming which means we have a big break coming up and we’d like to take a mini-getaway as a family. 

As we’ve paid off the non-mortgage debts, we’ve tried to weave in breaks and trips as a way to recharge, reset, and honestly relax.

While we make travel is a part of our budget that doesn’t mean we don’t like to find ways to save.

After all, when you’re a family with kids in tow, expenses can add up quickly. 

One popular way I’ve noticed more and more families taking with their trips – especially with long or out of country trips is with travel hacking.

We’ll get into how exactly it works a bit more, but basically you’re using rewards from credit cards to knock down your trip so that it’s cheap or free.   

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Actually, you can make it work. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

This is why I’m happy Doreen Brown Vice President of Cards at Coastal is here today on the show. She’ll share her take on getting the most from credit cards for your trip. 

I’m also sharing tips from travel hackers so you can get some ideas of how you can make it work for your family.

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • How travel hacking works 
  • Choosing the right card to maximize your rewards
  • Setting up a system to get great deals on hotels, transportation, and more

Whether you travel hack or not, we’re going to find ways you can save big on your next family vacation!

Resources for Affordable Family Vacations

Looking for ways to save on your next family getaway? Here are some fantastic resources to check out:

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