Kids and Money: How to Teach Them About Bank and Investing Accounts

Want to help your kids get comfortable and confident with managing their money? Today we’ll talk about giving them a head start by opening up bank and investing accounts with them!

Helping Your Teen Open a Bank Account and Invest

Do you remember your first bank account? I think I was in 6th grade and there was a program with a local bank where they would come in every two weeks or so and open up a school branch in the library. 

Different grades were assigned a time slot and if your parents had opened an account for you, you could go in to deposit, withdraw, or just check the balance. 

It was super basic, but let me tell you, everyone was excited. Why? Because it was their money. 

Later when I started working, my mom and I went to her credit union – she’s a teacher – and I opened my checking account. 

Each paycheck, I set aside something for savings, something for my checking, and kept the rest for fun. 

These early lessons didn’t involve a ton of money or anything complicated, but they gave me confidence when it came to finances. 

Earlier this year we had an episode about essential financial lessons to pass on to your kids. 

This time I want to move a bit forward from those initial conversations to giving them tools to practice their financial skills such as having a bank and investing account. 

Today we’ll dive into how to help your kids become financially savvy.

In this episode, we’ll dive into:

  • Why your kid should have a bank account and when to get them started
  • Three types of accounts you can use to help your kid get started with investing
  • Essential investment lessons to pass on

Hope you enjoy it!

Resources to Teach Your Kids About Money

If you're looking for ideas and resources to prepare your kids to be money-savvy, here are some to check out! 

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