Taxes aren’t fun, but if you’re looking to optimize your finances, you have to get your taxes done right. Learn about key tax deductions and credits available to families!

Mastering Your Taxes This Year

Tax season is here. 

And despite what TurboTax’s Superbowl ad says, not all of us are tax people. 

Most families I know are busy already and having to file taxes seems more like a chore than something fun. 

However, TurboTax did have a point – taxes affect all of us. 

And when you’re a family pursuing financial freedom, it can be an opportunity to review and optimize your finances, take advantage of tax breaks you qualify for, and if you get a refund, use it to reach your goals faster. 

Whether you visit a tax preparer, file online with a service like TurboTax, or do it yourself – kudos to you!- it really does pay to get more comfortable with some key essentials. 

Which is why both here and on our sister podcast couple money we’re going over how to make filing your taxes easier. 

In this episode we’re looking at: 

  • Decoding key tax items (like tax credits versus deductions) so you can be better prepared when filing
  • How to make sure your paycheck is working you – you may be leaving money on the table
  • Accounts to Maximize Your Finances Now and Later

I want to make things less stressful for you so you can knock out your taxes. 

Sound good? Let’s get started!

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