Monthly Goal Review and Preview: April / May 2016

New month, which means it’s time to review and share some goals!

April Goal Reviews

Simplify and Enjoy March monthly goals may 2016

We got slammed in April, financially and time-wise. Besides the usual, we had:

  • both life insurance policy premiums due
  • car inspection and taxes for our Honda Accord
  • my driver's license renewal
  • our oldest's dental check-up (we pay out of picket for her visits)
  • vet visit (including blood tests and medication) for our senior cat

As a reminder, here were my goals for April along with the progress made:

  • Do a site audit for Couple MoneyAs tedious and embarrassing as it is to go back through old posts, it's been a fantastic opportunity to review, correct, and update things for readers.
  • Go green at home. We've been seeding our yard and building up a lawn area. We're also building up our compost piles. Proud to say we're seeing progress on it.
  • Pitch a podcast. So proud to have done it – I gave my best creating a proposal and sample to pitch a dream podcast.

How I'm Simplifying in May

I'm really like narrowing things down to just three things each month. Having one money goal, one work/home goal, and one completely personal goal has kept me focused.

I'm someone who likes to have a few things going, but once it's past three, I usually start dropping the ball.

Here's what's on my agenda for May:

  • Save $500. With so much spent in April, I'm going to cut things back drastically this month.
  • Create a yard plan using Sketch- Up. We've reached a point where having a clear plan for the yard is needed. Besides the budget, breaking down the big picture into projects will keep us on target. Sketch-up seems to be a great tool to help visualize and plan with what we'd like to do.
  • Read and finish a fictional book. I love reading, but lately, I've been devouring non-fiction books and pieces on permaculture, cooking, and gardening to name a few. I want to get into a book this month just for pleasure.

While Sketch-Up is going to probably take a bit of time to learn, I'm ready to play around with it. I'm hoping to re-use and build up the model for other projects in and around our place.


Well, there you have it. I shared my goals for this month; I’d love to hear from you. What are you up to this month?

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