How to Save Money on Organic Food

There's a misconception that eating on a budget means ramen noodles and endless bowls of rice and beans.

I'm not knocking the ramen (or arroz con gandules as they were known in my house) – you can quickly jazz them up and enjoy a good meal. However, being a frugal foodie means you have more options, including grabbing some organic food.

Sure, you can pay top dollar for it, but there are ways you can slash your bill without sacrificing quality.

Saving Money on Organic Food

Kristia, founder of Family Balance Sheet, chatted with me this afternoon about her tricks to getting the most out of her meals and budget.

The Power of Meal Planning

Kristia sits down on Sundays and plans out her family meals for the week. She has some go to nights (like pizzas on Fridays) that makes it pretty easy to jot down her ideas.

If you’re not one to sit down and write things out, I have several meal plans here from food and family bloggers that cover various diets.

I tried to choose meal plans that allow you to ‘cook once, eat twice’ so you’re not slaving in the kitchen on your cook prep night.

Check Out Marked Down Section

Every store has to managed their inventory. As produce gets closer to its expiration date, they'll typically drop the prices.

Kristia reviews this section of the store first and will snatch up some deals!

Next time, you're at the store, see what's available and if you can use it that week for your meals.

You can catch the rest of her tips in the video below!

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