What are Your Frugal Indulgences?

Even though our budget will be limited for a while as we move into the new house and tackle this last lingering debt off, we still like to have a bit of fun this year.

Some people associate frugality and simplicity as deprivation. You're not supposed to buy things or do anything that's unproductive.

To me, it's an unsustainable, unrealistic, and an unenjoyable way to live.

After having a win or celebrating a milestone, a frugal indulgence can be an enjoyable way to stay motivated.

Learning to Indulge Frugally25 Frugal Indulgences to Celebrate Your Wins

Years ago when I had a win or got through a tough time, I'd think I deserve to have some fun or get something nice.

Whatever was around was my splurge – night out at an awesome restaurant or an outfit I saw and just had to have.

When I would review the month however, I saw that these ‘rare' treats were hardly rare and little by little I was spending too much money.

Looking to improve I began shifting away from just buying to incorporating experiences and new skills/projects.

It's a double win as I'm not spending as much and the happiness lasts longer.

25 Frugal Indulgences

Here are 25 ways we plan on celebrating this year when we reach certain milestones.

  1. Pick up some book from a used book store
  2. Having a camping party at our house for the girls and some of their friends
  3. Challenge each other to some old video games
  4. Homebrew some beer or mead
  5. Make some cookies and cakes with my daughter and gift them
  6. Buying pens and notebooks for my notes, writing, ideas
  7. Hang out at the art museum to catch the Da Vinci exhibit
  8. Have hot dog and smores roast
  9. Stargazing with the girls
  10. Transplant some hops in the backyard
  11. Go on a brew tour and find some new spots
  12. Host a backyard olympics
  13. Build some bird houses
  14. Go fishing
  15. Build temporary forts out back (and have a water balloon fight)
  16. Plant some flowers in stead of just vegetables
  17. Catch a baseball game
  18. Build a treehouse
  19. Catch BugFest
  20. Host a barbecue at our place
  21. Buy a bottle of scotch*
  22. Host a Game Night
  23. Work on a puzzle/creative project together
  24. Paint with the kids
  25. Do a scavenger hunt

Some of these are tied to home projects, like getting the backyard cleared of debris or painting the main living space.

Others are for financial goals like getting rid of this last student loan.

A few of my favorites include the stargazing and camping at our house. We don't have much of yard at the townhouse, but the new place has an awesome space out back.

Frugal Indulgences (1)

Thoughts on Frugal Indulgences

I'd love to get your ideas and ways to kick back and relax. What are your frugal indulgences?

*My husband came up with this idea. Say you paid off your student loans. And your required month payments were $200. Hubby thinks buying a $200 scotch is a symbolic and tasty way to enjoy that win.

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