Resources to Simplify & Enjoy Your Money, Home, and Life

One of my favorite parts about being in the personal finance space is finding tools and apps that make managing your money easier on you.

With so many options, I wanted to save you some time by pulling up my favorites in one spot.

Many of them we have used (and some we still do) and enjoy.

Go ahead and take a look and see which would work best for you and your family!

Best Budget Tools for Families

If you're looking to get out of debt, save more, or become financially independent, the first step is having a way to keep tabs on your hard earned money.

Personal Capital

We use Personal Capital to give us a big picture view of our money – bank accounts, investments, and home value.

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Slash Your Bills

We all want to save money, but still have some fun, right? These tools and apps can help you slash your bills without sacrificing the service. 

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless offers some of the best deals on smartphone plans out there. They have talk, text, and unlimited Wi-Fi data starting at $15/month!

Interested in learning more? You can check out Republic Wireless here!