Simplify and Enjoy Podcast Launch!

It's finally here – today I published the first episode of the Simplify and Enjoy podcast!

For the past few months, I've been doing interviews and quietly trying to put this together while preparing and running the 9th season of the Couple Money Podcast.

It's been simultaneously exciting and exhausting trying to work on two shows, but I'm so happy the new show is out today.

In it a buddy and I share a bit about our money systems, I break down different options and apps to make managing money easier, and I discover a savings ninja when Joe breaks down how his process down. 

Not only does he save before paying the bills, he saves as he pays the bills, and…. then has a trick to sweep away savings at the end of the month.

About the Simplify and Enjoy Podcast

I think the first question I have to answer is why start this podcast, especially when I already have another one out.

The short answer while there is certainly some overlap on a few topics, Simplify and Enjoy has a different scope than Couple Money.

Where Couple Money is about getting spouses on the same page, dumping debt faster, and getting on the path to financial freedom, Simplify and Enjoy is more holistic.

Yep, there will certainly be conversations about finances but more importantly, it's about helping families find a path to wisely use the most precious resource – time.

For us, money is a tool that we use to reach our goals. 

I want to get into what we're spending our money on and why, especially as we're trying to enjoy the time we have now with our kids while pursuing financial independence.

There are times where on paper we could definitely save more, but we'd rather spend it on making this journey as family richer and meaningful.

I'm looking forward to talking with other families about their paths and choices they've made.

We'll also explore how minimalism fits in. It's funny to me how some people feel like we're firmly in the minimalist crowd while others think we're novices.

I'd love to dig in and see how we can take those principles and find that happy spot for us (and then adjust because with kids and life, change is a part of it).

So if you’re parents looking to give your family more options to design a life that reflects what you love, Simplify and Enjoy is for you!

Please check out the first episode and share ideas on what you like to see covered on it. 
Enjoy your week!

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