Adjust as Needed When Simplifying Your Life

As we simplify our lives this year there is one thing I will be fighting to keep in mind – it's okay to adjust as needed.

The constant in life is change. Don’t feel bad if you have to rework things.

It's said the done though.

I think we can be so hard on ourselves for no getting things right on the first try that we miss the awesome fact that we made the effort to change and improve.

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We all like to think that simplifying our lives is a matter of shrugging off all the unnecessary parts, but it's usually not.

We get into certain habits, systems, lifestyles over time. It's going to take time to change those habits and our mind-set.

I know that one of the toughest areas for me is simplifying my work schedule.

I'm not only reducing my workload with freelance projects, but I'm also cutting back on writing for my own sites.

I'm planning on selling two of them by June and another one by the end of the year. I've had all of them for years, so it's a bit scary to let them go.

With those moves, I should be able to handle my two new big projects for the year – this site and an upcoming podcast.

That doesn't mean things are set in stone however. If needed, I'll hold off on a sale or push back the podcast launch.

It all depends on how things go – Will I be able to have enough time to enjoy with the girls and still have income to pay the bills?

While I'm confident it can be done, there are no guarantees. I'm writing and recording this in real time, so please don't be surprised if we make adjustments.

One Step, One Success at a Time

Simplifying your life learning to adjust and change

Instead of worrying if we have the best plan, we're going to keep focused on the present and see where it takes us.

If you're in the same boat, don't forget to celebrate those small wins and learn from your mistakes.

Please remember to take it as an accomplishment that you are working towards your goals.

Thoughts on Adjustments and Changes

Enough from me – I'd love to get your thoughts. What are you working towards?


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