Five Ways to Make Managing Your Money Easier

Today we’ll go over five steps on how to reset and achieve your big family money goals for before the year wraps up!

How to Reset and Reach Your Family and Financial Goals

It’s the first full week of September. How are things going of you this year so far?

Looking back at 2023 so far, it’s honestly been a year of ups and downs for us.

Summer break for example had us taking two family trips around North Carolina which we certainly needed. Unfortunately my mom was in the hospital in the first part of July so our focus was on her for a few weeks. Thankfully she’s doing better now.

Honestly, though, I cut back on projects and some work I had planned here on the site and podcast. I also feel a bit weird saying this on the podcast, but yeah, I wasn’t as diligent as I usually am with finances.

Here’s the thing though – for the most part we’re still on track for our goals.


As we have tackled our family and financial goals like saving down debt, saving for emergencies, and investing, we’ve developed habits and a financial system that has made it easier to stay on our goals. Cause I really do believe that there are times you need to give your family attention. If you have your financial system up, you can feel less stressed and better able to handle life’s curveballs.

I’d like to show you some ways you can manage your goals if you ‘re in a similar situation, where your focus hasn’t been on your finance because of family obligations.

The good news? You still have sixteen full weeks before this year is over. There is still plenty of time for you to make progress on your family and financial goals!

Resources to Build Better Budgets

If you’re looking to start or revamp your budget so you can reach your family and financial goals faster, check out some of these resources below!

If you’d like to chat more your money system, please join us in our private and free Facebook group – Thriving Families. It’s a group Andy, Andrew from Family Money Plan, and myself run as a team.

We’re families looking to support and help one another out.

Hope to see you there!

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Five Ways to Make Managing Your Money Easier

Whether you’re the spreadsheet king or queen or more the big-picture person, I think we can all agree that we want to streamline our finances so you can focus on the people and things that matter to us.

You can really dive into the weeds with finances and debate the minute, but if you’re looking for big wins not only with your money but your marriage, here are 5 things you need to focus on.

#1: Develop Laser Focus on Your Goals

Don’t try to work on all your expenses across the board. You can burn out quickly trying to slash multiple expenses at once.

I think one reason systems like Dave Ramsey’s baby steps are so effective is that they have you laser focus in on one step or goal at a time.

You begin with a starter emergency fund, then it’s all in with paying down debt, then you can fully fund your savings, and so on.

While you don’t have to be as gazelle intense as some people are – it can actually backfire with getting your spouse on board – having a priority can be powerful.

Want to optimize your spending? Try monthly challenges with one thing. Give the cash envelope a go next month.

I want you to build better habits, not go for quick wins that get undone by the next month.

If you’re pressed for time, there are options like Trim that can save you money by canceling subscriptions, finding deals with insurance, or negotiating with your cable bill.

Just focus on one thing at a time each month and by the end of the year, you’ll have some big wins.

#2 Align Your Budget with Your Goals and Priorities

If the idea of making a budget makes you break out in hives, then you have to switch things up.

Typically when someone is complaining about a budget, there are a few key reasons. The root of it for many is that there’s no room in the budget for what matters to you. It’s so strict, you can’t any fun with things.

And while that might look like a good idea on paper – you think you’re going to get out of debt faster or hit your goal sooner – it’s usually an exercise in frustration.

Sustainable is the way to go and for most couples, it’s a process and one of the best budgets to get you started on that path is the 50/30/20.

As you probably figured out, your money (net income in this case) goes into one of three ‘buckets’ of expenses.

  • 50% Essentials: This covers your ‘needs’ like rent/mortgage, food, utilities, and necessary transportation.
  • 20% Financial Priorities: This money is allocated for your future such as investing for retirement and taking care of important money goals now like having an emergency fund and paying off your debt.
  • 30% Wants: These are your lifestyle choices. What do you two enjoy?

#3: Automate Your Budget and Keep Tabs on It

A simple trick that’s helped us is scheduling the bills to come out 48 hours after the deposits gone in.

You can use track your progress with apps and options such as:

  • Empower – If you have a ton of accounts between you, this makes it easy to sort them out.
  • Tiller – Love how easily you can customize it based on your unique budget.
  • Mint – If you’re looking to get a handle on your budget, Mint is a very visual way to see what’s happening.
  • You Need a Budget –

Don’t forget that along with bills, you want to automate things like your debt snowball or if savings if that’s your goal.

#4: Go on Regular Money Dates

Why do I talk about money dates so much? It’s because they work!

Pretty much every couple whose paid down debt, saved a significant amount, or is on the path to financial freedom does this.

They may call it something else (like Andy and Nicole with their budget parties 🙂 ), but the idea is the same.

Having a regular time where you’re in a relaxing and low key environment to get together to discuss your dreams and your money

It can be a night out at one of your favorite restaurants or you’re just in the backyard relaxing with a glass of wine by the firepit.

Wherever and however you have your money date, you want to make sure you look at the goals you’ve created together (your WHY) and then review your numbers.

Knowing your budget, your monthly cash flow, and net worth is smart.

If you’re not sure how to start or even begin the conversation about finances, pick up my Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money.

I take you step by step through money dates, with conversation starters and ice breaks. I also share a 4-week plan to get you two on the same page with money.

#5: Take on Monthly (or Weekly) Money Challenges

Sometimes when you're tackling big goals like knocking out massive amounts of debts or saving up for early retirement, it can be a bit boring and repetitive.

Money challenges are a fun way to keep focused on your target while mixing things up.

If you have a weekly or monthly challenge it gives you something that the two of you can kind of competitively work on together.

We used them a lot the early part of our financial journey, especially when we were paying off our debts.

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