How to Teach Your Teens About Money

 Not sure how to start talking to your kids about money? One mom shares how she's teaching her teens about budgets, investing, giving, and more!

Guiding Your Teens with Finances

One of parenthood's joys (and responsibilities) is guiding your kids and teens into adulthood. We all want them to live happy and meaningful lives. 

That’s a huge goal to work towards, and it takes all 18 years (and then some!) to build them up. 

One essential skill set they need to get a handle on is their finances. We know money isn’t the goal, but it is a handy tool to help them take care of their bills, save up for big goals, and yes, have a bit of fun. 

The huge question, however, is where do we start? How do we teach our kids, especially teens, about finances? How do we show them the ropes of budgeting, investing, and giving? How can we help them feel comfortable with handling finances and make wise choices? 

This is why I’m glad Aja, creator of Principles of Increase and author of How to Talk Money With Our Daughters. She’s also a mom of two teens. 

In this episode, we get into:

  • When to begin those conversations and ways you can make them meaningful and interesting
  • Introducing teens to investing whether it’s funds or real estate
  • Involving them with the finances so they’ll be prepared and confident with their skills

Let's get started! 

Resources to Teach Your Kids about Money

If you're looking for ideas and resources to prepare your kids to be money-savvy, here are some to check out!

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