How to Live Well on Less This Summer with Michelle Jackson

Living well on less is not only possible but fun! Author and entrepreneur Michelle Jackson shares her tips on how to enjoy life without breaking your budget! 

The Art of Living Well on Less

For some in the financial independence space, there is almost a badge of honor of living your life as cheaply as possible.

They talk about how they only spend $X a year. While I respect keeping expenses in check, I think it’s not really a healthy way to approach things.

With us still dealing with this pandemic, it’s a reminder that money is simply a tool and not the goal.

Instead of trying to live cheaply, let’s focus on living well. Let’s try to take a step back and see how we can simplify things including our finances so we can have more time with the people and projects that matter to you.

Michelle Jackson is someone who’s already made significant changes to her life and finances and is in a much happier spot.

She’s here to discuss with me:

  • her journey from being in debt and overwhelmed to finding fulfillment while paying down her debt
  • how being a frugal foodie taught her to live well without breaking a budget
  • why self-care matters and how to do it affordably

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